Colloseum of Augustus Mosoleum Acropolis

Arena artifacts (fabricated dual-ring segmented
stage, catwalks, nether-assembly
     and tracks, truss, speakers, cables,
haze and light effects,
mobile roadie carts), shipping implements,
     storage implements, money, activity, 
Dimensions, active state:  
     outer ring (diameter: 48ft, height: 5ft), 
     inner ring (height: 7.5ft), 
     expanded by peripheral movement
Dimensions, dormant state: 
     minimum four 20-foot shipping containers,
     distributions variable

The arena touring artifacts formerly belonging to Neil Diamond stockpiled on the grounds of my studio, a former meat packing plant in downtown Los Angeles throughout multiple shipping containers and large walk-in freezers.

There they assume dormant and mixed-state configurations
as they fluctuate between distributions in the active state. (notes)

Por ejemplo: