WindowCan Glam Composites:

After months of seamless cataloguing, a policy/precedent had been established that no piece of trash was to be touched or steered in any direction.

However, there was one development on the premises that seemed to warrant an exception; a site I had only before seen on cartoons: The neighbors had broken out one their windows and began using it as black-hole-style trash chute. Two factors made it very difficult to record the droppings in this area: 1. the extreme depth/density of droppings in this area 2. the nearly-continual presence of neighbors sleeping and/or playing video games in this room.

I decided to make a singular move to document these droppings. I assembled a team of operatives. Around 5 am, one-by-one, we gathered each piece of trash from the windowcan-pile outside (see "survey region"), meticulously recording its precise location and brought the article to my apartment next door (see "base of operations") where each article was photographed out of context, glam/product-style. Each article was then returned to its precise location.





Dropping PIpeline (Wormhole2):
A second scenario developed: a black hole at the top of the stairs. Droppings were being sucked into this, seemingly lost forever.
It dawned on my that these articles might still be tracked/recorded.
These are the only trash droppings that I decided could be collected/stored/stockpiled, without reservation
Further information upon request.