A cataloguing, itemization and mapping of each piece of trash dropped in and around my apartment building by my four neighbors, four (4) humans.


1. Droppings In situ: each piece of dropped trash documented (Figs A., B), mapped, taxonomiZed, and blogged (SEE BLOG HERE), 1 year
2. Dropping Diagrams: Architectural Renderings locating each piece of trash, updated bi-montly (Fig C)
3. WindowCan Glam Shots: more on this below (Figs D, E)

While this copious archeologic process aimed to clarify or assemble some sort of insight into the miniscule progressions of debris to describe perplexing process at play, it seemed also, at some point, to be the most fruitful way of coping with, or generating a sense of enthusiasm while living in and around these droppings.


fig A / fig B

fig C

Fig. D: Glam Composite S-varieties: Swabs, Sauces, Saucecaps

Fig. E: Glam Composite Combat P-varieties: Projectile, Protectile, Poker, Potion, Pocus

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