3,000-square-foot former meat packing plant in East Los Angeles (consisting of a series of industrial walk-in freezers and refrigerators powered by large compressors/condensers) revamped to sustain cold-based operations as follows:

1. Ice Rink (a rink prepared and frozen above a pipework lattice, painted to NHL standards)
2. Beer Fridge (the largest refrigerator of the plant loaded with 3000 cases of ice-cold beer).
3. Production Freezer (Operatives in cold-safe* worksuits create skulptural forms from block ice).

as these processes remain unseen by human eyes, the plant exists fluidly as a collection of roving anti-social nodes to be reified only through promotional (money-folkloric) outlets as described: California Biennial 2008 Catalog Interview

gutted of its XXX which are resituated aboard mobile roadie carts (formerly belonging to Neil Diamond)
instantiate a global distributed network. this boosts functional/spatial fluidity and coolness.