Distribution I:
     2-ton speaker cluster, cranked

Thirteen speakers, connectors and supports, speaker cables,
     three 2000-watt amplifiers at full volume, white noise,
     red and blue light, hazer applied intermittently, haze
Dimensions variable (minimum height: 12 feet)

supplementary video footage

The first distribution, a subset of speakers to have appeared in arena-rock venues worldwide, is assembled in the active state in the precise configuration as previously dangled above a 48-foot circular stage. The speaker cluster, weighing over two metric tons, is affixed to a reinforced steel lattice bolted into the ceiling concrete, thus protruding through any non-structural scaffolding which must be removed. Multiple 1-inch-thick industrial grade speaker cables run along the scaffolding from the speaker cluster and down to floor where they are powered by three 2000-watt amplifiers at full volume. This configuration exhales the white noise of the system itself. (Note: Structural damage would likely occur should an electrical surge be unexpectedly sent through the system.) Peripheral aesthetics of the rock and roll stadium are imported as red and blue lights peer though intermittently applied hazer mist.