The WORMHOLE, BUNGPOLE experience constitutes a unidirectional tour puncturing the barrier between discrete functional spaces. Though entirely complimentary to asocial models of spacial navigation typified by sprawl based infrastructural models (as found in cities such as Los Angeles), this trajectory somewhat antagonistically funnels the participant through a one-way rat-maze set out to enlighten, infuriate, and, ultimately, please*.

  Fig. A

Accumulate on front sidewalk until allowed to enter a doorway leading to a staircase heading up. Once up top, enter my small apartment to slide down the bungpole, located in the back of a large walk-in closet, landing in the meat-packing plant one floor below. From there, walk through a long (somewhat creepy) hallway to exit to the street through a doorway located a mere 5 feet from the orignal doorway (see Fig. B).

  Fig. B

(*) May lead to feelings of having been "shat through time and space" -- see Fig. A